Helpful Guideline on How to Write a Research Paper Fast

We understand your situation. You thought you had too much time at your disposal and kept putting your paper off for a later date. Suddenly, you were hit by the harsh realization that you might not cover your paper in time.

Luckily, we have experienced the same scenario in the course of our study and thus know some hacks for writing a quality paper quickly. 

In this article, we will look at how to quickly write a paper without compromising its quality. The tips we discuss can also come in handy for time management when handling various college assignments. 

How to write a research paper fast

Considering the scant time you have, we will dive into the tips on how to write papers fast and condense the ideas in an easy-to-digest manner. 

  1. Choose a familiar topic

Avoid complex topics at all costs if you are rushing against a fast-approaching deadline. Preferably settle for concepts you have encountered in the past as this simplifies your brainstorming and research process. 

Also, narrow the idea to a single perspective to exhaust the argument and tackle possible counterarguments within the available time. You could also condense your topic to the key research questions you ought to address, allowing simple, straightforward research. 

  1. Prepare an outline

Although you are limited in time, preparing a plan will do you better than harm. The outline will give you a flow of the arguments and keep you from veering off your paper’s key arguments. 

You could opt for a mind map as you brainstorm and jot the points you have gotten during research under a specific theme relating to the topic. This will help you go about your essay without spending a lot of time preparing a standard outline.

We recommend that you record your recommendations as you progress with research, reducing the stress of coalescing various resources after writing all the sections. 

  1. Save your introduction and conclusion for the end

Writing an introduction calls for a good mastery of your topic’s key arguments. As such, much thought and research should be driven into writing your introduction.

Among various tips on how to write a paper quickly, working on your introduction last bears much efficiency. This approach allows you to come back to the intro at a time you are well versed with the content of your research paper. 

At this time, you can quickly write the intro and sell your reader what they expect to understand after interacting with your research. Be sure to read some guides on how to start a research paper to make a quality impression on your reader. 

  1. Edit as you go

Editing the whole paper can be monotonous and time-consuming. Editing as you go ranks among the most common paper writing tips for limited writing durations. 

By doing this, you can manage the monotony of continuous writing and gauge how well a section has met your research objectives before proceeding to the next chapter. 

How to write a research paper in a day

The worst-case scenario would be where you have been limited by various constraints, only to discover you have a day to write your paper. Although the pressure is overwhelming, we advise against panicking. 

Panicking will offset your balance and limit your capacity to focus on the paper, making late submission a reality. First, we know that you can deliver a decent paper in a day. Some of the tips on how to write papers faster include:  

  1. Delegate editing in chunks

Editing is often a tedious and time-consuming step in writing a research paper. With little time at your disposal, you may fail to manage the paper if you take on each task.

You could consider engaging a third party for editing help as you work on the next section. This allows you to cover the research and writing phase and nub various errors in your work, ensuring a pleasant result. 

  1. Take breaks

Rushing to do a paper in one sitting is a counterintuitive approach that almost always results in a loss of focus. Ideally, chunk your task into sessions and allow small breaks in each session to recharge for your subsequent session. 

You may consider setting deadlines and incremental rewards to inspire intrinsic motivation for handling your topics. 

  1. Gather all the necessary resources

The due date is barely the right time to stroll up and down the library aisles in search of a resource. Before sitting down, gather all the needed materials, reducing distractions in your sessions. 

How long does it take to write a research paper?

A research paper can take between a week to a year depending on its length. Essays ranging between ten to fifteen pages may take lesser time while longer dissertations demand more time to investigate the ideas in your paper thoroughly. 

To estimate the time your paper will take, use the ratio of five pages a week. This will allow you ample time to write your paper and do all necessary corrections.  

Final take

We hope this guide on how to write a research paper fast was handy. Feel free to consult us for further assistance in your academic journey. Success in your paper!