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Don't Let Your Tires Put You at Risk

Tire Maintenance
You may take your car in for regular tune ups and oil changes to ensure the car runs efficiently. But your car maintenance shouldn’t stop there. You also want to be sure you provide your car with another type of maintenance that will help the car run efficiently and keep you safer. Read on to learn about the importance of tire maintenance.  

Tire Issues Account for a Large Percentage of Tow Calls

Many people who call for a tow truck do so because of tire issues. Your tire may go flat due to a leak or a blow out, and you could even end up in a ditch due to tire problems. Sometimes, tire issues are visually noticeable, such as when the tread is worn. However, most of the time, the tire issue sneaks up on someone because the issue has to do with improper air pressure, which isn't as obvious.

Tire Rotation Is Important to Even Wearing

Roughly 11,000 accidents a year are caused due to tire issues. Uneven wearing can increase the risks of tire problems that can lead to hazardous situations. Always read your manual and/or follow the advice of the tire manufacturer with regards to when your tires should be rotated.
In some cases, you may need to rotate your tires before the recommended time. If you see one tire showing more wear or your car starts to vibrate at higher speeds, these can be signs rotation is needed.

Damaged Rims Can Cause Dangerous Situations

Rims can become damaged, and as soon as they do, you can’t rely on the rims to offer you safe travels. Cracked and damaged rims increase your risk of issues like blowouts. If your rim takes a hit or you notice signs of damage, this is an issue you need to tend to right away.

Missing Lug Nuts Put You in Danger

Cars can be designed to have anywhere from 4 to 6 lug nuts. If you lose of your lug nuts, then more pressure is put on the other lug nuts than they were intended to endure. The longer you drive with the improper number of lug nuts, the more you are increasing your chances of having the other lug nuts snap and losing your tire while you are driving.

Bald Tires Come With Many Risks

Before you realize it, you may look at your tires one day and find that they are quite bald. When you see baldness on your tires, you need to get in and purchase a new set right away. Many things can go wrong when you continue to drive on your tires past this point.
Bald tires don't grip the roadway correctly. So you can wind up rear-ending someone when your bald tires cause you to slide into them when you step on the brake. The car may also veer off the road when you go to make an adjustment and the tires don't grab the road. The car can slide all over if you make a sudden stop. The car will also easily hydroplane in the rain, which could put you and all the cars around you at great risk.

Tire Bubbles Can Not Be Ignored

Tires can develop bubbles if the tires have endured some type of trauma, or bubbles can sometimes develop when the car hasn't been moved in a while. Do not drive a car with a bubble in the tire. The tire may burst at any given moment and cause you to get in an accident.

Call Us If You Need a Tow

You need to take care of your tires to ensure you drive safely. Should you find yourself in need of a tow because of a tire issue, call us at Shasta County Towing. We will come and tow your automobile for you. Also, if you need roadside assistance, such as help with a tire, we can come help you with this as well.