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Broken Down in a Remote Area: What to Do

Broken Down in a Remote Area
While a towing service can easily find your vehicle if you're broken down on the highway or in another well-traveled area, when you break down in the middle of nowhere on a camping adventure or hunting trip, your situation becomes more serious.

Stay calm and use these tips to help you get the assistance you need while you stay safe with your broken-down vehicle.

Don't Leave Your Vehicle

Stay with your car, unless your vehicle is stranded in moving water, sinking mud, or another dangerous situation. If your car is stuck in mud or water, vacate your automobile by rolling down a window and climbing on top of your car to safety. Otherwise, if you leave your vehicle, you risk getting lost and will miss an opportunity for assistance should another driver come across you.

If you do have to leave your vehicle, stay within sight of your automobile at all times to avoid losing your direction. Leave a note on your vehicle that you are stranded and need help if you do walk away to look for road markers or other ways to locate yourself. Keep your vehicle locked and cover your purse and other belongings with a jacket or other clothing to prevent theft.

Call for Emergency Assistance

Call a towing company as soon as you've assessed your surroundings and know you and your passengers are safe. Your auto insurance agent will direct you to a towing company and give your location to the towing professional so they can find you.

If you don't know exactly where you are, be as specific as possible about your general whereabouts. Use recent landmarks — such as a rest area, camping site, or gas station recently passed on your journey — and how far you are from landmarks to help yourself get located.

Stay on the line with an operator until assistance arrives, or you can periodically call your towing company to get the location of your tow truck driver until they arrive.

If you are in a dead zone where cell phone service doesn't work, you can still dial 911 for assistance. Even calls that don't go through are recorded when they hit nearby cell towers, so if you are stranded for a number of hours, local authorities may be able to pinpoint your location via your calling attempts.

Don't turn your phone off if 911 attempts don't go through at first; keep attempting calls to make your location known until help arrives.

Create Visibility

If you're stranded in trees or shrubbery, try to clear as much debris away from your vehicle as possible to make your car easily seen by other drivers or the towing company. Open your car's hood, turn your hazard lights on, and intermittently honk your vehicle's horn or hit the panic button to alert other potential drivers of your whereabouts.

Place a brightly colored piece of clothing, like a scarf or hat, on your vehicle's antenna to increase visibility so your towing service can find you.

Make Yourself Comfortable

It can take several hours for a towing company to come to your aid based on how far out you are stranded and how long it takes a towing company to locate you. In the meantime, stay safe and make yourself as comfortable as possible.

Grab any snacks, bottled water, extra clothing, blankets, and other supplies out of your trunk and use these items sparingly. Keep your cell phone charged and only use the unit to make emergency calls; do not use your phone to play games or otherwise waste needed battery life.
If you're feeling cold, turn your vehicle on for a few minutes at a time with the heater on, then shut the engine off to preserve gas and battery life. Never fall asleep with your engine on.

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is a frightening experience. Our team of towing specialists will come to your assistance and get you back to safety. Call Shasta County Towing for your car removal needs today.